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Legal & TAX INformation

Basic Legal and Tax information in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

  • Minimum Driving Age is 16 years old
    • ​Contact the State Police Barracks at Route 22 and Airport Road or the AAA for information.

  • Minimum Drinking Age is 21
    • The sale of wine and spirits is controlled by the Commonwealth, governed by the Liquor Control Board and considered a controlled substance.
    • Wine and spirits are sold at State Stores (Wine & Spirits Shops) and limited retail locations.
    • Wine & Spirits Shops open at 9:00 am. The hours of operation vary depending on the location of the store and its size.  Specialty stores are open Sunday's from noon to 5:00 pm in addition to their weekday schedule. Stores are closed for legal holidays.
    • Beer is sold at dedicated beer and beverage distributors and select grocery stores.

  • Sales Tax
    • PA Sales Tax is 6%.  There is no tax on clothing or food.

  • Income Tax
    • PA Income Tax is a flat 3.07%
    • Local Income Tax is a flat ~1%

  • Real Estate Tax
    • Real Estate is taxed on a property's Assessed Value.  There are 3 real estate tax bills:
      • School District Real Estate Tax
      • Municipal Real Estate Tax
      • County Real Estate Tax

  • Other Taxes
    • Other taxes that might be levied, depending upon your municipality, county and occupation:
      • School District Per Capita Tax
      • Occupational Privilege Tax
      • ​Business Privilege Tax